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About Sandwich Generation Month
Sandwich Generation Month is an annual commemoration and celebration of the dedication, patience and caring of adults who are part of the Sandwich Generation – those caring for their children as well as their own aging parents.
The annual recognition of Sandwich Generation Month is every July, within organizations and communities throughout the United States. Free Planner’s Toolkits are available for download, so your hospital, assisted events to raise awareness of the tireless efforts of (and support available to) members of the Sandwich Generation.
The parent organization of Sandwich Generation Month is the Sandwich Generation Resource Group. Funding and administrative support for the Sandwich Generation Month website and presented materials are provided by Griswold Special Care.
About The Sandwich Generation Resource Group
In late January 2007, coincidentally the 25th Year Anniversary of Sandwich Generation Month’s primary sponsor Griswold Special Care, a small team of Philadelphia business professionals sat discussing the catchphrase that is “Sandwich Generation.”
Just weeks prior, Jean Griswold had provided one of the present professionals a book about the origination of commemorative months and holidays. As the group talked about how many individuals and families are part of the Sandwich Generation, the book recipient chimed in, “That’s a lot of people affected by the same issue. There should be a recognized month to educate Americans about their day-to-day struggles and rewards.” Within days, Sandwich Generation Month was born.
That original group of businesspeople formed what later became the Sandwich Generation Resource Group, a continually growing collective of individuals who are interested in providing information and education about the Sandwich Generation, available resources, and connectivity to other people dealing with the same issues.
The Sandwich Generation Resource Group is funded through sponsorships, including that of Griswold Special Care. The Group welcomes interest of other national entities and business organizations desiring to aid in the support and presentation of awareness-building activities designed to provide information, education, and connection of people who are sandwiched between the multiple generations they love and care for everyday.
Connect With Americans Aged 40 to 60
According to the Pew Research Center, currently just over 1 of every 8 Americans aged 40 to 60 is both raising a child and caring for a parent in addition to about 7 million adults caring for their aging parnts from a long distance. US Census Bureau statistics indicate that the number of older Americans aged 65 or older will double by the year 2030, to over 70 million.
Until recently, these millions of Americans had voices that were unheard. They, the Sandwich Generation, are one of the largest and most consumer-driven demographics in the world, who need support, resources, and information that your organization may be well positioned to provide.
The Sandwich Generation Resource Group consists of reputable and accomplished business leaders who are ready and willing to hear your ideas about how your company or institution may partner with us to ensure all Americans soon understand, have compassion for, and lend a supportive hand to Sandwich Generationers, their families, and the loved ones for whom they provide such selfless care.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us today, so that we may join resources to reach out to those who could use collaborative support!
About Our Sponsor
On a crisp January morning in 1982, Jean Griswold sat at her dining room table in Pennsylvania and began making phone calls, gathering a group of competent, caring people to help older and disabled individuals stay safe in their homes. Inspired by a growing need in her community, Jean Griswold began an organization now recognized as the world’s oldest, multi-national, non-medical home care company and one of the first home care services to offer 24-hour service to older, disabled, or at-risk individuals at highly affordable prices.
The idea for Griswold Special Carecame as a result of a tragedy that happened to an older widow who was a member of the church where The Reverend Doctor Lincoln Griswold (Jean’s husband) was the pastor. Although she was affluent, the parishioner could not find anyone to help her when a friend who was assisting her fell and broke her hip. The woman was terrified at night, fearful of having a heart attack when no one was there to help. Although her family lived close, the woman, left alone, did not drink enough fluids. As a result, her kidneys failed and she died.
This incident inspired Jean Griswold to start Overnight Sitting Service in her home. Word of this new service spread like wildfire, largely by word-of-mouth. As the demand rose, around-the-clock in-home care was initiated and services were expanded to include personal care and homemaking. Overnight Sitting Service was renamed Special Care Services ot more accurately describe the company’s services. Eventually, the name became Special Care, and more recently Griswold Special Care. 
Today, Griswold Special has over 130 non-medical home care offices throughout the United States and in three countries, referring more than 9,000 caregivers. In the nearly 30 years since its inception, caregivers have helped more than 65,000 individuals and families. Griswold Special Care’s home care service has been profiled in Forbes, Success, and Entrepreneur magazines and on NBC’s Today Show. Jean Griswold personally has received numerous regional and national awards and honors for her outstanding service and remarkable achievements.